Biosecrets’ founder and argan oil come from the same region, North Africa.

Our commitment is to offer the purest and finest grade of this rare and precious oil. Our oil is from the tree, to the press, to the bottle, with nothing added or taken away. Sourced from the women’s cooperatives in Morocco that we proudly empower, Biosecrets’ argan oil will make you look great and feel wonderful.


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Ecotrend is devoted to holistic, non-toxic, and natural alternatives to human health. Our vision is to unite suppliers, customers, and the Ecotrend team with a shared sense of equality, sustainability, and new standards of ethics in business. Simply put, we are committed to global responsibility. Choose a product category below to view a selection of Ecotrend products and visit the distributor's website:

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Dedicated to our people, principles, and planet, Ecotrend Ecologics Ltd. provides premium products, exceptional service, and a truly ethical approach to business.

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Ecotrend Ecologics Ltd, based in Vancouver, Canada, is a Natural Health Products distributor with a reputation for providing premium quality products and exceptional customer service. Solid internal infrastructure, broad product selection and superior support have created a company that is an industry leader in this sector

~ John Harrison, President


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