Third Party Online Retailer Policy 2019

Ecotrend Ecologics Ltd. is proud to be the distributor for many excellent and Premier brands in the Health Products industry. We only partner with the best that align with our corporate environmental and sustainable mindset.

Ecotrend must adhere to the contracts of our various Brand Partners, many of whom have a very specific online policy.

Our mandate is growth for our Brands, however, growth without structure leads to anarchy in the marketplace and Brand erosion in the eyes of the consumer.

The Brands that trust us with their market image insist that we hold our customers to the same high level of integrity. Subsequently, we require our online 3rd party customers to adhere to a strict internet policy for pricing and image.

Successful applicants have a well-designed website that aligns with the environmental and sustainable values of Ecotrend Ecologics Ltd. In addition, successful applicants have a high-level Social marketing strategy and network to support the Brands with which we are entrusted.

We will supply MAP pricing. Brands carry a minimum advertised pricing structure. We as an organization police this policy with a - two strikes and you're out - rule. No exceptions.

In addition to this rule, Ecotrend requires our third-party online retailers to submit a complete product list with online pricing on a monthly basis. Failure to do so after two requests will result in your account being permanently suspended.

This policy, though it may seem unrealistically strict, is the result of some 1,500 different permutations and combinations for pricing, and we simply do not have the manpower to deal with this in any other way.

Your highest level of cooperation is required for our mutual success.

Entering this relationship, we trust you will adhere to the above-stated policy.

Please address any queries to