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Ecotrend Ecologics & B Corp

A Conscious Company

Ecotrend Ecologics has always endeavored to be an industry leader. At the time of Ecotrend’s founding, in 1986, the idea of environmental ethics in business was completely unheard of. But John Harrison, Ecotrend’s founder, has always felt a calling towards nature and conservation. Now, over thirty years later, in addition to Ecotrend’s Climate Smart certification, we are a proud member of the B Corp organization.

B Corporation is an international organization based on accountability in business with a rigorous assessment process to determine suitability. Certified B Corporations have a balance between purpose, profit, and production, and are legally required to consider their impact on their staff, their audience, community, and the environment and animal welfare. Globally, B Corps are leading the way for a more ethical and sustainable future. Ecotrend has been standing up for and striving for those principles for years, and we couldn’t be happier to officially attain our certification. We join many of our excellent vendors, such as Zue Beauty and African Bronze Honey as a B Corp certified company.

In a world so hectic both day to day and digital, we know it can be tough to figure out where to place your trust and how to vote with your dollar. The B Corporation assessment does the legwork for you in knowing that in supporting B Corp Certified businesses, you are supporting both individuals and organizations which care about making a difference. We’re happy to have you on our team.