About Us

Ecotrend Ecologics

A conscious way to do business

Dedicated to our people, principles, and planet, Ecotrend Ecologics Ltd. provides premium products, exceptional service, and a truly ethical approach to business.

Founded in 1986 by import/export specialist John Harrison of Vancouver, British Columbia, Ecotrend Ecologics has grown steadily from a one-person operation to its current complement of over 50 dedicated professionals. Today, we are a respected international distributor representing high quality products and servicing both retail health stores and alternative healthcare practitioners.

Today we manage over 2500 retail and over 2500 professional accounts, as well as work with over 120 fantastic and unique brands. Ecotrend believes in the human touch. Family and friends play an important role in the almost familial relationships we are proud to maintain with our brands. Treating both people and our planet with dignity, Ecotrend has nurtured a foundation of loyalty and trust. Health is not just supplements and vitamins; it’s a lifestyle. Ecotrend Ecologics is your go-to distributor for high-quality lifestyle products, including top brands of vitamins and supplements.

Climate Smart, a government-approved program, requires a detailed assessment of all aspects of a company’s carbon footprint. Seven months after starting this program Ecotrend was able to receive its certification and it is the only company in the Health and Wellness industry in Canada that has committed itself to this level of environmental stewardship. Attaining our Climate Smart certification is an ongoing renewal process which we commit to on a yearly basis.

Ecotrend is a direct reflection of its founder’s principles and guiding beliefs. Descended from a long lineage of conservationists, John Harrison demonstrates an unwavering love of nature and an appreciation of humanity and gentleness rare in the world of business.

John's family safeguards the natural environment of a number of coastal properties, some purchased over 50 years ago, constructing log cabins and maintaining unspoiled sanctuaries for wildlife. A deep concern for the biosphere is evident in John's personal association with the David Suzuki foundation, the World Wildlife Fund, the Sierra Legal Defense Fund, and Western Canada Wilderness.

The ethics behind Ecotrend Ecologics’ processes is an important part of John’s commitment to have a positive influence on both the business world and the natural world. Ecotrend is devoted to holistic, non-toxic, and natural alternatives to human health. Our vision is to unite suppliers, customers, and the Ecotrend team with a shared sense of equality, sustainability, and new standards of ethics in business. Simply put, we are committed to global responsibility.

Worldwide Initiatives

Ecotrend supports many worldwide initiatives for the protection of nature and the support of people in need: