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Hair Essentials

NOVEMBER 25, 2019

The ultimate, natural hair supplement

Natural Wellbeing believes that Nature holds the answers to many issues facing our planet today, including our health. Since 2001, they have been providing customers the world over with some of the finest natural health supplements available, including their clinically-tested flagship product, Hair Essentials. Hair Essentials has helped hundreds of thousands of women and men experience healthier hair and enjoy greater confidence again. Natural Wellbeing products are creatively formulated by professional herbalists and harness the healing properties of herbs and nutrients, offering unique and elegant solutions for your wellbeing. They know that the best solutions for wellness and health come from nature. From ingredients to manufacturing to customer service, you can rest assured that rigorous quality standards always guarantee the best for you and your family.

Located in the beautiful historic Marine Building in downtown Vancouver, BC, Natural Wellbeing’s greener office initiatives include composting, eco-friendly cleaning supplies, recyclable packaging, and biodegradable packing materials. And as part of an ongoing commitment to healthier living and balance, office staff are provided with organic fresh fruits and snacks from local business, along with generous health benefits and reward incentives.

Natural Wellbeing also understands that your pets are family, too! Over the years, they have created an entire supplement division, Pet Wellbeing, dedicated to the health and wellbeing of your animal companions. Pet Wellbeing prides itself on its professionally formulated pet products which are overseen by their respected board of veterinarian advisors and researchers. They regularly participate in local BCSPCA fundraisers and proudly partner with animal rescue nonprofits to raise awareness for animals in need. All of Natural Wellbeing’s lines are committed to animal welfare.

All products come with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Experience better health with Hair Essentials and Natural Wellbeing.