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Celebrating 130 years of Resiliency, Commitment, and Diversity

JULY 27, 2022

Andrews & George Company Limited was founded in 1892 as an import/export company in Japan by William H. Andrews and Edward W. George. Andrews & George became the first foreign-owned company to establish a business in Tokyo, Japan, in 1892. The company specialized in the importation of machinery to Japan; they were responsible for transporting the first car into Japan in 1902. In July of 1911, Andrews & George signed a contract with Bosch as their first agent in hopes of creating a base of operations in Japan for the German company.

Bosch remains a major player in the Japanese market and still conducts business in the country today. In 1923 Andrews & George was levelled by the Great Kanto Earthquake and subsequent tsunami, forcing the company to rebuild. At the onset of World War II in 1939, Richard M. Andrews and his family were forced to leave Japan and the business behind as they relocated to Canada. Andrews & George was entrusted to the caretaker and staff members. Upon their return to Tokyo in 1946, following the war’s end, the devastation in the city was abundant. Remarkably, the Andrews & George building stood despite the rubble and destruction. Thanks to the staff in Tokyo, who worked to save the building by covering the building with wet rice burlap bags during a fire, the building was preserved.

The first motor car in Japan
Imported by Andrews & George Company

‘ “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step,” a wise man once said.
Our family’s journey began over a century ago. Today, it is still far from over.’

– The Andrews and Harrisons 1892–1990 Family Album

John Harrison, CEO of Andrews & George, and founder and CEO of Ecotrend Ecologics Ltd., continues his family’s journey today. John, William H. Andrews’s great-grandson, mirrors his family’s entrepreneurial spirit with his vision for Ecotrend, creating a company that makes sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly health and wellness products accessible for all. Ecotrend is a national distributor of natural health and wellness products that serves over 5,000 retailers and professional practitioners across North america. John Harrison continued in his Great Grandfather’s footsteps when he set out to capture the essence of Japanese culture and bring it to North America. John, who grew up in Japan, established a close relationship with the Handa Clan in 2005. The Handa Clan are highly respected and recognized tea masters whose history dates back 16 generations. In 2007, John Harrison founded DōMatcha®, a matcha brand that brought authentic Japanese Green Tea to international markets. In 2016 DōMatcha® was the first to introduce decaf matcha to markets outside Japan.

DōMatcha® is owned by Andrews & George, who remains the parent company of Ecotrend Ecologics Ltd., retaining the legacy and close relationships Andrews & George has had with Japan for centuries.

Andrews & George Company Limited has a long history of perseverance and resiliency that led the company to become an industry leader and accomplish many remarkable achievements. Andrews & George paved the way for the creation of Ecotrend Ecologics Ltd. and the DōMatcha® brand, two companies that cherish the same values and relationships today that was integral to the foundation of Andrews & George 130 years ago.