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This Medical Duo Creates Natural Remedies Inspired by Loving Sloths

April 5, 2023

"You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do, makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make."

We adopted the words of the world's renowned primatologist and anthropologist, Jane Goodal; the world's foremost expert on chimpanzees, as we felt it resonates with us, our company, and our vision. We want to dedicate our lives to a mission that unites the ecosystem directly or indirectly.

Sloth MD is a Vancouver-based, solution-oriented supplement company created by two immigrant women from Europe. Immigration with purpose was our prerogative; hence, we felt our health and wellness backgrounds intertwined quite harmoniously into this company's creation. We knew we had much to contribute to the community and society, and it would've been selfish not to share.

Few words about the creators of SlothMD:

Ania Gurynowicz MA Psychology | Certified Integrative Health Coach| Psychosomatic Practitioner | Business Wellness Consultant. She is an international speaker and author of "Alone in the Crowd- Living well with Endometriosis."
Marijana Jeremic, MPharm, RPh. Marijana is a licensed pharmacist in Canada with over 20 years of practice experience in Europe and Canada.

How do you utilize your backgrounds within the company?

Marijana, throughout her career, worked as an active educator for nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals. She was a clinical geriatric pharmacist, actively working to develop strategies for optimal residential care liaising with nursing staff, physicians and management stakeholders. This experience gave her close insight into the most burning issues around health and drug interactions.

Ania's dynamic attitude and understanding of the human mind and psychology have gained her the respect of global clientele and allow her to quickly determine the course of action needed to get individuals and organizations from where they are to where they need to be. Her work is centred around mind impact and psychosomatic implications. Her work with thousands of women globally contributed to a deep understanding of the complexity of proper diagnosis and treatment of debilitating conditions revolving around pain and women's health.

What is your company mission?

Respect, integrity and sustainability are our three main principles. They apply to the entire circle of life: the Earth and the people. We are committed to helping improve the quality of people's lives by paying no less attention to how this reflects on our overall environment. Hence, we choose the purest ingredients from sustainable sources and ensure our plants are grown as free from pesticides or other pollutants as possible.

SlothMD supplements are carefully formulated with unique natural ingredients to target the issue precisely. These natural, proven, and potent formulas are excellent clinical solutions intended to restore bodily functions on multiple levels of healing. Our formulas are effective because we single out ingredients deliberately to target different issues. Single-product ingredients are safer for dosing and combining with other products or medications.

Who you serve

Sloth MD supplements are currently well-received among naturopathic doctors and integrative pharmacies Canada-wide. They are also available in health and wellness stores where doctors can refer patients.

Why Sloth MD?

The sloth is a very sensitive and loving creature. The first time we saw the video about the incredible journey of a baby sloth found abandoned and adopted by a journalist, it touched our hearts. We particularly connected with sloths when we found out they were great moms. They carry their babies in their arms for an entire year and teach them how to feed and survive, and when they show the first signs of independence, do they let them start their own journey. You may say a sloth's life truly depends on the love and care provided by their moms.

Love makes the world go around, and it is the ultimate goal of every one of us. Lack of love can be deadly to animals and humans alike. With his Mona Lisa smile, this enigmatic creature carries out the message of love, closeness and beyond. We shall continue discovering the depth and beauty of its being with curiosity and admiration. The common misconception is that the sloth is lazy and slow. But it is, in fact, a survival strategy. By moving slowly, sloths become hard to spot by predators. It is nothing but a clever game plan.

In today's busy world, we run from task to task, leaving just enough time for a quick meal on the go or, better yet, a coffee. We've mastered juggling and racing, at least, we want to think so. Speed is seen as a competitive advantage; thus, we develop difficulty in allowing things to take time. A healthy lifestyle and relationships with self and others require such an approach.

The bottom line is that focus and full attention are essential to living a healthy and happy life. What if we learn from sloths how to slow down? After all, it is a mechanism of survival.

Slowing down allows us to see and feel more internally and externally. It can raise our awareness and shed clarity on many things. By slowing down just a little, our life could gain more profound meaning, clearer intention and overall quality. There is so much to learn from nature and its habitants. Being in synchronicity with our surroundings, we could do and experience amazing things. We are grateful to our sloth for so many lessons on how to: live, love, sleep, cohabit with others and more.

Our tagline is to "hang in there" while awaiting diagnosis or coping with health issues.

We show our deep appreciation and gratitude by contributing to preserving their lives by supporting the Sloth Conservation Organisation in Costa Rica and contributing a percentage of our product sales to protect these wondrous mammals.