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Canadian Algae-Sourced Supplement Brand Bridges Innovation and Customer Loyalty

April 26, 2023

Those blobs of green seaweed that forms patches In local lakes is worth about $320 billion according to the Center of Climate and Energy Solutions. Algae is not only a magnificent protein source (Spirulina has a 70% protein composition); but it absorbs 8.7x more carbon dioxide than soybeans (with the commonly used algae genus, Chlamydomonas). Algae products are used in food, cosmetics, feed, and fuel; and is growing in demand for its powerful properties.

Canadian-based supplement brand Regenurex, develops oral supplementation products using astaxanthin, a natural extraction from local freshwater marine microalgae known as Haematococcus pluvialis. Astaxanthin is a potent antioxidant that helps maintain cell integrity and supports overall health by protecting your cells against free radical damage. We asked them what inspired them to build a unique brand like this, and how they continue to innovate and grow their business in 2023.

What inspired the founding of your brand?

Originally working with algae for biofuels created a deep interest in the algae sector, and the various uses for it. When the founder discovered that a specific strain of algae contained a compound that had amazing overall health benefits, he went about developing a unique extraction method to bring a Canadian made product to market. We believed that everyone could benefit from the recovery/regenerative benefits of astaxanthin.

What are your brand’s core values?

  1. Canadian-made
  2. High quality & efficacy
  3. Fantastic customer service
  4. Innovate to remain competitive.
  5. Maintain a low environmental impact.

Describe one way you try to keep innovating with your brand.

Innovate algae cultivation technology towards continued and improved human nutrition and the reduction of environmental impacts.

Talk about a roadblock or a challenge you faced as a business owner; have you overcome this? If so, please tell us how you did or how you’re working on it.

Aggressive pricing from overseas producers has made it more challenging to stay competitive. We continue to innovate to reduce costs, while keeping quality high.

What inspires you to keep going every day?

Our Customers! The feedback we continue to receive from our customers on how our products have positively impacted their lives inspires us every single day. We listen to them so we can continue to improve and give the best customer support possible.

How did you know you had a good product-market fit?

When we were first bringing this product to market, we looked for feedback from our family and friends, as well as our own personal experience taking it. Because of the phenomenal results we personally experienced, and what our friends and initial customers were experiencing, we knew we had a great product. We have a lot of repeat customers and a remarkably loyal customer base that continue to purchase our products year after year.

What are your aspirations for your brand 10 years from now?

Our 10-year plan includes bringing dozens of algae-based products to market, supporting human and animal nutrition, as well as providing solutions for processing agricultural waste into useful algae products. We are currently working on innovative delivery methods, so there will be even greater access and more people can benefit from our product line.