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Canadian Supplement Brand Arcwell Creates High Efficacy Supplements for Detox and Health Support

May 31, 2023

Even with access to abundant resources, humans are getting sick at unprecedented rates. The symptoms of an increasingly polluted world range from adult allergies and skin conditions to obesity and cancer. The amount of health information we have access to is impressive due to the proliferation of the internet; however, the consequence is noise.

When a couple of friends-- Ting Yu, M.S.c, Lily Wang, Ph.D., and Antonio Silva, Ph.D was conceptualizing Arcwell, one problem they encountered was how much noise there was in the market and how rare it was to find a high-quality supplement. Most supplement companies were practically marketing companies instead of scientific-based. As avid health enthusiasts and scientists, the three friends decided to put together their decade's worth of lab and patent-building experience to create high-efficacy and pure supplements for detoxification support.

The first product they created was Glutathione, then followed by NMN, trans-Resveratrol, and NAC. Arcwell prides itself in creating supplement products with a purity greater than 98%. To get the highest quality products, Tina, Lily, and Antonio embarked on a mission to build their own GMP-compliant facility here in Vancouver, British Columbia to ensure full control of the end-to-end process.

Arcwell Product Line

Keep reading to discover the delightful journey of building a value-based business centred on helping people get healthier in a modern world.

What inspired the founding of your brand?

As the founders of Arcwell, we were inspired to create our line of supplements because we were frustrated by the lack of high-quality, effective supplements available in Canada. As scientists, we began exploring the benefits of Glutathione. We realized there was a need for a line of supplements that supported a natural approach to a healthy lifestyle and longevity, without the misinformation and false claims in the industry.

What are your brand's core values?

High purity, effectiveness, and transparency are three pillars upon which Arcwell is founded. Arcwell's core values are centred around providing individuals with high-purity natural health products scientifically proven to enhance health and promote healthy aging. Our mission is to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health rather than waiting until they become ill. We are committed to producing premium supplements that are rigorously tested and formulated with high-quality, pure ingredients sourced from around the world and to providing the most updated scientific human clinical information to our customers.

Describe one way you try to keep innovating with your brand.

As scientists, we strive to keep innovating with our brand by continually researching and exploring new ingredients and formulations to improve the effectiveness and bioavailability of our products. And to ensure the doses we choose are backed by human clinical trial results.

We also actively seek customer feedback and use this information to inform product development and improvements.

Talk about a roadblock or a challenge you faced as a business owner; have you overcome this? If so, please tell us how you did or how you're working on it.

We have faced many challenges as business owners, but the result of being able to offer a line of high-quality and effective supplements without depending on private-label manufacturing gives us tremendous pride. We recognized that the best way to address this challenge was by taking complete control of the production process since we are scientists. Therefore, we decided to create our own line of supplements that are rigorously tested for purity and effectiveness.

To overcome this, we invested in building a nutraceutical-grade ISO 8 clean room, a GMP-compliant facility approved by Health Canada. This clean room allows us to maintain strict quality control measures and ensures our products meet the highest purity standards. Unlike many other companies that outsource their production, we have chosen to have direct oversight of every aspect of the process. From sourcing raw materials to testing and packaging the finished product, we have full control and accountability. This allows us to maintain a high level of quality assurance throughout the entire production cycle.

It has allowed us to deliver products that meet our stringent standards of purity, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction. We are committed to continuously refining and improving our processes to ensure our customers receive only the highest quality products.

What inspires you to keep going every day?

At Arcwell, we are inspired by our customers and their stories of how our supplements have positively impacted their health and wellness. We are also motivated by the constant pursuit of innovation and improving our products to ensure we provide our customers with the best possible solutions. Finally, we are driven by our passion for promoting natural approaches to health and longevity and the belief that everyone deserves to feel their best.

How did you know you had a good product-market fit?

All of us at Arcwell are health enthusiasts, constantly striving for ways to improve our well-being. It was during this pursuit that we discovered four powerful supplements: NMN, trans-Resveratrol, Glutathione, and NAC. Each of these molecules possesses unique properties that can enhance and safeguard one's health. While some have been in the market for a significant period, others, like NMN, have recently received approval from Health Canada. Arcwell is proudly Canadian and is the pioneer in bringing this amazing health-promoting molecule, NMN, to the Canadian market. As consumers ourselves, we noticed a lack of transparency and quality control regarding purity and appropriate dosage. With our scientific background and our own GMP manufacturing facility, we aim to bridge this gap and provide high-quality supplements that meet rigorous standards of purity and effectiveness.

What are your aspirations for your brand 10 years from now?

Our goal is to continue to be a trusted name in the supplement industry and expand our reach to help even more people improve their health and wellness. In 10 years, we hope to have developed a wider range of high-quality supplements and to have built even stronger relationships with our customers. We also aspire to continue our commitment to innovation and staying at the forefront of the latest scientific research to provide the most effective products possible.