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Ecotrend Ecologics Supports ARC in Acquiring 80 Hectares of Amazonian Land for Protection

June 26, 2023

The Amazon Forest is incredibly rich in biodiversity and home to many important species. Many plants and animals that inhabit the Amazon Forest are increasingly at risk of extinction due to activities like logging.

Amazon Rainforest Conservancy(ARC) was established in 2014 with the mission to protect, conserve, and restore threatened tropical rainforest habitats, species, and ecosystems in the Peruvian Amazon. They’ve launched two main projects: The Lower Amazon Basin Project and the Cloud Forest Basin Project. The Lower Amazon Basin Project comprises a 616-hectare Brazil nut concession home to 100 Brazil nut trees. These trees are important carbon sinks and provide a sustainable source of income for local communities through the annual Brazil nut harvest.

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Ecotrend Ecologics made contributions that allowed ARC to purchase 80 hectares of land adjacent to the Brazil nut concession. This is a strategic parcel of land for the following reasons:

• 2 acres have been cleared by the river and near a freshwater stream which is an ideal spot for building our forest ranger/research centre

• The current owner has permits from the Peruvian government to log thirty-three old-growth hard trees on this land. Purchasing this land would enable us to save these trees.

• Harvesting a few trees from this land for the construction of our ranger/research station will greatly reduce the cost of transporting wood by boat from town (8 hours away)

• This parcel of land has a mammal clay lick and an avian clay lick – both important features for the health of rainforest species.

Ecotrend Ecologics is incredibly excited about the developments that ARC is implementing to move towards a more sustainable and ethical planet.

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